Banking With Ben: A Love Story

Bank marketing campaigns aside, DO YOU ACTUALLY LOVE YOUR BANK?  Sorry, silly question.


But you do know that your bank loans out most of your deposits while keeping most or all of the profits for itself, right?


Worse, when your bank makes weak or irresponsible loans with your money and fails, you pay for it again with a tax-financed bail-out.


And worse yet, the same banking system that spawned the collapse of the credit market and our economy is now stalling the economic recovery by accumulating excess reserves.


BUT YOU DO LOVE THE FEDERAL RESERVE, correct?  That is, with its stop-go policies of destroying your wealth with the printing of worthless currency and de-stabilizing markets by manipulating interest rates?  Oops sorry again, another silly question.


It might surprise you to know that a simple, free-market alternative to this whole sad central-bank controlled, monopolistic money and banking system now lies within our grasp (and no, it’s not going back to the gold standard).


You need to read CAPITAL AS MONEY.

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